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Fire Capitano

  • Итальянская кухня
  • Вид на улицу

Delicious Italian restaurant with American influences and long opening hours. It uses a wood oven to add even greater flavour to all its dishes.

Burger Bar by Fire Capitano

  • Американская кухня
  • Вид на улицу

Enjoy Fire Capitano’s tastiest dishes. Savour a great choice of dishes, delicious cocktails, juices and smoothies. Don't miss the chance to enjoy great food during your holiday.

Asian restaurant

  • Азиатская кухня
  • Вид на улицу

Discover the most delicious Asian dishes. Your culinary journey begins here with a self-service dining experience. The dishes are prepared in traditional style, with both the pasta and the sauces being home-made.

Cocktail Bar

  • Аперитивы
  • Вид на бассейн

Cool off with your favourite drink while you enjoy the wave pool, chats with your friends and live music. Come and discover the most social space and have a drink with us!

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