Discover our 3 restaurants and bars


  • 郷土料理
  • マウンテンビュー

With fresh ingredients taken from our garden and farm, it serves international and Vietnamese gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An all-day dining experience that will awaken all your senses.


  • フュージョン料理
  • ガーデンビュー

A unique restaurant that combines the exotic cuisine of Vietnam with dishes from all around the world, creating an unforgettable mixture of flavours and aromas. It also provides a private dining room which is ideal for special events.


  • 郷土料理
  • マウンテンビュー

An elegant colonial-style bar that uses fresh, local produce together with select imported wines. Enjoy it all while admiring the splendid panoramic views of the Ba Vi mountains from the terrace.

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