Dos Almas Restaurant

An explosive combination of Spanish passion and French culinary arts has created a sumptuous experience of innovation and adventure. A culinary journey through an exciting mix of flavors.


Two souls in one kitchen

In the heart of the Paris Golden Triangle, the Dos Almas Restaurant is a bridge between two cultures. Fusion cuisine that you will fall in love with, with fresh, seasonal products and original recipes. Enjoy the sensations that every dish inspires: savor the warm sunshine in every drop of wine, succulent meat or something completely new.



Flavors to remember

A team of expert professionals at this urban hotel in Paris strives to offer you the most unforgettable culinary experience. Attentive and exceptional service thanks to a combination of warmth, friendliness and passion.

Endless creativity in every dish

The skill and creativity of our chefs give rise to a range of tasty dishes, from freshly roasted beef tenderloin to black rice paella with sea bass and mussels.

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