1 Hotel in Nha Trang
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The most popular health resort in Vietnam with one of the most fascinating and varied seabeds in the country. Exploring its waters is as relaxing an experience as a treatment in one of its exotic spas.
Nha Trang

Calm in the deep sea

This is the ideal destination if you want to combine relaxation with cultural tours in which you can learn more about Vietnamese traditions. A must-see in Nha Trang are the Po Nagar Cham Towers, a vestige of the Cham civilization. Nor should you miss the beautiful 19th-century cathedral. In the villages surrounding the city you can discover the traditional local fishing culture. And don’t leave without taking a dip in the cold waters of Ba Ho Falls. Vinpearl Land is an old prison converted into a theme park and reached by cable car across the sea!

The climate is cool and dry in winter and hot with a lot of rain in summer.

The official currency is the dong.We recommend you bring cash. Many businesses do not accept credit cards.

The official language is Vietnamese. Most people who work in tourism speak a foreign language.

The quality of Internet access is good throughout the city. Many bars and cafés offer free Wi-Fi.


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