Unique experiences in Tanzania

There are experiences that can only be enjoyed in Africa. Listen to the roar of the lions on the savannah, soak up the aromas of nature or admire the cornucopia of colors in the sky over the savannah. Unique experiences enjoying the indescribable pleasure of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.

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In the heart of the savannah

Meliá Serengeti Lodge Meliá Collection allows you to enjoy a choice of unique and exceptional experiences. A face-to-face encounter with nature that makes it feel like you are a star in your own documentary. Prepare your camera and all your five senses to capture all of the details that form part of an adventure that you will never forget.


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Make your dreams come true and enjoy an unforgettable ballooning experience. A tour that begins with a night safari to see the predators and other animals in their most active period. With the rising sun as a backdrop, you'll see an indelible image that you will cherish forever in your memory. And as you rise higher and higher, admire the stunning, endless plains of the Serengeti. After landing, take a sip of your glass of sparkling wine before savoring an 'Out of Africa’ English breakfast prepared in situ on the savannah.

Although you've seen it a thousand times in documentaries, now it's your turn to jump into a Jeep and take part in the most famous safari in Tanzania. An incredible experience in which you cannot fail to be amazed by the indescribable beauty of the Serengeti. The list of animals in the park is as vast as the savannah skyline, from "Africa's Big Five" (lions, elephants, hippos, black rhinos and buffalo), to cheetahs, hyenas, ten different types of primates and more than five hundred kinds of birds. Enjoy breakfast and lunch in the middle of the jungle, and see all the animals in their natural environment.

Explore the savannah on foot and create a deeper and more intimate connection with the wild nature of Africa. As we enter the savannah, notice all the numerous details that often go unnoticed: animal tracks, manure, small plants, insects... A quiet and gentle walk at an undemanding pace, perfect for listening to the sound of nature on the wind and between the trees, the songs of birds or the footsteps of animals.

Enjoy one of the most memorable experiences in the Serengeti National Park. An amazing picnic in the heart of the savannah, where you can savor the peace and privacy of the surrounding natural environment.  A great choice of starters, sandwiches, barbecued dishes and desserts to enjoy while seated in the immense plains.

Savor a unique and intimate dinner for two under an infinite blanket of stars. A romantic dinner prepared in our outdoor gazebo with views of the Mbalageti River Valley as a backdrop and an exquisite menu carefully prepared by our chef and customized to your tastes and preferences.

The savannah is a magical place at any time of the day thanks to its stunning scenery and unique vegetation, including baobab trees, acacias and grasslands. Choose the most stunning places to enjoy an unforgettable breakfast at sunrise, a lunch with the birds singing or a dinner framed by a red African sunset.

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