Hotel Barcelona Aeropuerto Affiliated By Meliá

El Prat de Llobregat, Spain
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A short stop in Barcelona can be a great pleasure

This modern hotel is the closest hotel to terminals 1 and 2 and has a free shuttle service at certain times of day. The latest technology and a 24-hour gym make it the ideal choice to enjoy yourself while you await your connecting flight.


The Hotel Barcelona Aeropuerto Affiliated by Meliá provides a team of Barcelona experts to provide recommendations about everything you can do during your stay. Cuisine, leisure, culture, sports, ... the entire city in easy reach.

Information about the destination

Barcelona is located on the north east coast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea and is one the country’s most important cities, alongside Madrid. It has played a prominent role in the cultural and political development of Spain, a fact that can be seen and admired in its different buildings and historical monuments.

Experts in the city

The Hotel Barcelona Aeropuerto Affiliated by Meliá offers a team of experts in the city of Barcelona advising you on everything you can do during your stay in Barcelona: Gastronomy, leisure, culture, sport… The entire city within your reach.

My Barcelona in a flash route

  • Hotel Barcelona Aeropuerto, Affiliated By Meliá suggest a tour around Barcelona to help discover all there is to see.
  • We suggest walking along La Rambla and visting La Boquería market, the Palacio de la Virreina and the famous El Liceo Theatre
  • If you have more time, don’t miss out on seeing the Plaza Real, the City Hall and the Cathedral.
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