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Inspired by Mediterranean villages, this Costa Blanca hotel combines quality services, two golf courses, exquisite cuisine and activities for the whole family.



The Poniente Golf Course Par 62, also known as the "Executive" course, was opened in 2006. It forms part of a large resort along with the Levante Golf Course and the Meliá Hotels International complex, and is located between Terra Mítica Theme Park and the town of Benidorm.

The Poniente Golf Course, measuring 3,858 metres, consists of ten par 3 holes and eight par 4 holes and, famously, has no par 5 holes. Set in beautiful natural scenery with dense vegetation and pretty streams that crisscross the layout, the course has 4 tee markers (white, yellow, blue and red) with different teeing areas and wide fairways with princess bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon), which offers all the guarantees for a perfect gameplay at all levels.

The need for technique, control and precision in the strokes makes this one of the best training courses in the Comunidad Valenciana. The Poniente Golf Course is also the ideal complement to the Levante Golf Course for a complete golf experience at the resort.

A fun, demanding and technical course with 48 strategically distributed bunkers and small, fast undulating greens shaped by agrostis providence grass, plus a stunning natural backdrop.

HOLE 5. 254 m Par 4

A wide fairway, with seven bunkers and out of bounds on the right, as well as dense vegetation on the left. Short but very technical with a deep undulating green whose entrance is protected from those who try reach it by just rolling the ball in.

HOLE 6. 280 m Par 4

The Benidorm skyscrapers breaking the horizon over the sea are the views on offer at this hole with a light dog-leg to the right, a water hazard and deep bunkers guarding the green from those who dare to arrive in one stroke.

HOLE 7. 127 m Par 3

Prepare for a huge difference in height between the teeing area and the green. Thick vegetation protects this hole whose relatively broad green has some hidden fall that the player will have to discover and dominate for themselves.

HOLE 15. 96 m Par 4

Tough hole due to the difference in height between the teeing area and the green, which also has a deep bunker. The back of the green is protected by a natural amphitheater which you have to avoid to achieve your goal.

HOLE 16. 150 m Par 3

Wide, very flat hole without the dense vegetation of the other holes. It only has one bunker and a large undulating green in the shape of a pear. More comfortable for players than previous holes, with the wind as the only adversary on the days it blows. 

HOLE 1. 277 m Par 4

The player has to choose between power with the first stroke or strategic placement, as the hole is flanked to the right by the out of bounds of the adjacent driving range. A set of relatively deep bunkers guard an undulating green.

HOLE 2. 180 m Par 3

A high teeing area towards a low green. Difficult hole due to its width and sloping terrain, protected by a deep ravine and a large bunker on the left. For the novice player, the hole offers a wide fairway that facilitates the stroke.

HOLE 3. 260 m Par 4

The Benidorm skyline and the sea of the Costa Blanca are witness to the strokes of this hole with magnificent views. A challenge from tee to green, with hazards such as the bunkers that dot the sides of the fairway and the green.

HOLE 4. 119 m Par 3

At hole 4 you have to overcome a series of hazards such as the gully with thick vegetation, which defends the border of a large green which, in turn, is surrounded by three large bunkers.

HOLE 8. 182 m Par 3

Relatively long hole with a stream on the right, a bunker at the entrance to the green on the left and another water hazard crossing the front on the right. Get ready to move around the undulating green and avoid the amphitheater that guards it.

HOLE 9. 209 m Par 3

Difficult hole that forces the player to strike with depth and direction due to its narrowness and length with a water hazard on the left and a slightly troublesome green.

HOLE 10. 280 m Par 4

Comfortable hole due to the width of its fairway, slightly tilted to the left which forces you to go straight to avoid hazards on both sides. A bunker awaits you in the fairway demanding a precision tee shot to leave the ball in the centre and thus avoid the penalty of landing in the water. Narrow, high green with 2 bunkers that requires a taut, tactical putt.

HOLE 11. 134 m Par 3

At this hole, you have to tee off towards a low, deep and narrow green with a lot of rough. You have to cross the stream that protects it and avoid the bunker to the right before you putt the ball in.

HOLE 12. 139 m Par 3

Narrow hole with two bunkers to the sides of the green, and another not quite so deep. Slight downward decline, it is known for its high rough that hinders accuracy if you don’t reach the green with your first stroke.

HOLE 13. 346 m Par 4

The two streams crossing the path of this hole limit the area for the fall of the first shot forcing the player to reach the green from the teeing area. A high green surrounded by a lot of vegetation with a deep bunker guarding its entrance makes this a complicated hole.

HOLE 14. 182 m Par 3

The two streams of the previous hole also crisscross hole 14, this time in the opposite direction, following their natural course in search of the sea. This time, you can soar over them in one stroke and land the ball on a small undulating green, challenging you to get a good result.

HOLE 17. 327 m Par 4

Open hole with a bunker on its right flank and a large green surrounded by two bunkers. It is the longest hole on the course and has a wide fairway, allowing players to strike with greater confidence from the teeing area. 

HOLE 18. 258 m Par 4

Straight hole with successive bunkers that stagger across the fairway. The teeing area offers visibility of the whole hole and invites you to try to reach the green in one shot. The green has a bunker guarding its entrance. 

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