Meliá Villaitana

Benidorm, Spain
Enjoy the charm of a Mediterranean village

Inspired by Mediterranean villages, this Costa Blanca hotel combines quality services, two golf courses, exquisite cuisine and activities for the whole family.



The Levante Golf Course has a stunning and privileged location with views of the mountains, the sea and the unique Benidorm city skyline. Opened in 2006, it forms part of a large resort along with the Poniente Golf Course and the Meliá Hotels International complex, and has other sport facilities as well as a car park.

The course has 5 tee markers for each hole (black, white, yellow, blue and red) with their different teeing areas and broad fairways with princess bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon), reseeded in winter with raygrass which improves both appearance and quality in the colder months.

The course’s great versatility makes it perfect for large scale tournaments for professionals, as well as smaller events for amateurs. Both capable of awakening the sensation of a pleasant walk while practising golf in spectacular scenery.

HOLE 1. 390 m Par 4

Measure well where you want to place the ball with your first stroke. Two bunkers on each side of the fairway strategically wait for the ball to fall. The second stroke is more relaxed with a light dog-leg and out of bounds on the left, as the fairway skirts the hotel, and a green protected by a large bunker on the right.

HOLE 2. 385 m Par 4

Hole with out of bounds on the left as it continues to border the hotel. An almost straight drive is needed with a slight leaning to the left to reach the fairway. Going dead straight is blocked by a large bunker, deep enough to ruin your approach to the green. The high green awaits you surrounded by three bunkers.

HOLE 3. 199 m Par 3

The ball has to fly over a slight gully at this gorgeous hole, avoiding the water hazards and keeping well clear of a huge bunker on the right, to reach the green. The design of the elongated green can make the hole longer depending on the position of the flagstick, with a ball escape area in the middle on the left.

HOLE 4. 480 m Par 5

Although short in length, the difficulty of this hole lies in the 13 strategically placed bunkers. The left is guarded by the out of bounds that stretches to the back of the small undulating green which is protected on the approach by a series of 5 bunkers, placed one after the other.

HOLE 5. 350 m Par 4

Short hole, protected by bunkers on the flanks of the fairway, sloping to the east and the prevailing wind. The pear-shaped, severely undulating green is protected by three large, deep bunkers on the left and a smaller bunker on the right.

HOLE 6. 397 m Par 4

A slight rise in the first part of the fairway gives way to a slight descent in its second half. So, a successful long drive will see the ball travel a fair distance making the shot to the green shorter. The green is protected by bunkers on both sides and measures 35 metres in depth. A good choice of club for the approach is essential.

HOLE 7. 218 m Par 3

Second par 3 of the front nine. This pretty hole has a huge water hazard: the lake which flanks its left-hand side. The deep, undulating green slopes down towards the water and has two bunkers, one on each side.

HOLE 8. 550 m Par 5

The two bunkers, one on each side of the fairway, make you think that the green should be reached in two strokes. Along the way we have three more bunkers to avoid before reaching the hole.

HOLE 9. 392 m Par 4

Light dog-leg to the right with the green hidden from the tee. A single bunker on the left and one on the right dictates the gameplay although there is still a risk that the ball ends up in the rough, making the next shot difficult. The green awaits you protected by a huge bunker guarding its front and another smaller one at the back.

HOLE 10. 400 m Par 4

The tee only shows the first part of the hole. A central bunker in the fairway and another one on its right requires a precision shot to develop the game. Especially if you take into account that after the fairway bunker the slope will slide the ball into the lake that protects the second half of the fairway and the entire green. One of the most complicated holes on the course.

HOLE 11. 497 m Par 5

The fairway welcomes the ball in a raising slope that, once surpassed, shows the magnitude of an iconic hole that has a ravine and out of bounds on the right. A severely undulating narrow, deep green with a couple of ball escape areas and bunkers that decorate the course but hinder the game.

HOLE 12. 201 m Par 3

A deep gully between tee and green makes the hole difficult, as well as the four big deep bunkers that give this hole its unique personality. The green is surrounded by a natural amphitheater that will collect the balls that overshoot the green.

HOLE 13. 346 m Par 4

The large lake, which it shares with hole 7, borders this light right dog-leg. The three bunkers placed diagonally to the ball drop cross the fairway from right to left.

HOLE 14. 142 m Par 3

The shortest hole on the course with a high, wide and undulating green. It is protected by deep bunkers and ball escape areas which make getting onto the green difficult.

HOLE 15. 383 m Par 4

Long par 4, with a descent in the first section and an ascent in the second. Avoid the large bunker on left side and take two strokes to reach the green which is slightly troublesome and protected by 3 deep bunkers that make the approach difficult.

HOLE 16. 519 m Par 5

Narrow straight hole with out of bounds on the left. The tee off doesn’t present much difficulty, it just has to be long. Two bunkers await you for your second shot, making it more difficult, before you enter an undulating and slightly vexing green protected by a large bunker on the approach and two smaller ones behind.

HOLE 17. 380 m Par 4

A huge bunker in the centre of the fairway and that runs many metres in the same direction of the ball characterises this hole. The high green protected by two bunkers, one on each side, complete a hole unprotected from the wind which can greatly influence the final result.

HOLE 18. 387 m Par 4

Straight hole, with a slightly raising slope and a lake between the tee and the fairway, requiring a long second shot. The high long green is surrounded by an amphitheater at the back and guarded by two bunkers on the left.

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