Clotilde Café

A charming café with a Parisian ambience where you can savour French cuisine from the first meal of the day. Toasted sandwiches, gourmet pastries and signature cocktails. We look forward to seeing you.

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Discovering the delights of Paris

Named after Sorolla's beloved wife, whose portrait can be seen on many of the walls at the Hotel Maison Colbert Meliá Collection, this café is a celebration of the artist's love for his muse. A reflection of her strong personality and a permanent link with our history. Café Clotilde offers a wide variety of delicious toasted sandwiches throughout the day. Diners can also enjoy gourmet pastries made by the renowned French pâtissier Nina Métayer and later sip one of our signature cocktails in the evening.

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7 Rue Hotel Colbert

Hotel Maison Colbert Meliá Collection

In essence

Le Pain Parisienne

Here you can savour one of the most essential elements of local cuisine: French bread, of course. Enjoy numerous different flavours, textures and recipes that make a basic food a delicious delicacy.

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