Meliá Marina Varadero Apartments

Varadero, Cuba
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Independence and comfort next to the sea

The Meliá Marina Varadero Apartments offer luxurious accommodation next to the seafront promenade, as well as comfort and privacy. The proximity to the beach means you can enjoy an endless array of water sports and activities.


Destination information

A masterpiece of nature, Varadero seduces visitors with the transparency and tranquillity of its warm water, and wide stretch of fine, clean and pure sand. It is 140 km to the east of Havana, located on the Hicacos peninsula, a strip of land surrounded by the sea, 22 km long and on average 700 m wide.

Also known as Playa Azul, because the water reflect all shades of blue, the sea, with up to 40% transparency between 25 and 30 m in depth, offers 32 dive sites. At its most eastern point is the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve, an area of great archaeological value and with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

It is the most famous and most important resort in Cuba and the main tourist sun and sand destination. Its more than 20 kilometres welcome thousands of visitors who opt for a healthy type of tourism. The beautiful scenery, warm climate, crystal clear water, and fine white sand, make Varadero an unforgettable experience for anyone who enjoys its excellent benefits.

Varadero belongs to the province of Matanzas, also known as the Athens of Cuba. It was the first modern Cuban city and has a privileged location in the north of the island located between the mouths of the Yumurí, San Juan and Canímar rivers. Here, in different degrees of development, are the country’s four major tourist areas:

  • The beach of Varadero and other attractions belonging to the city of Varadero and areas close by.
  • The Peninsula of Zapata, ideal for nature tourism.
  • The city of Matanzas with its architectural monuments and religious and cultural traditions, as well as other cities of lesser importance but with certain attractions such as Cárdenas and Limonar.
  • The Valley of Yumurí and the Caves of Bellamar, currently under development.

traditional cuisine

Based on the exquisite fusion of Spanish, African and Caribbean culinary traditions, Varadero gastronomy has become a true expression of Cuban culture. Some of its typical dishes include:

  • Paella: Yellow rice with fish and shellfish.
  • The Creole ajiaco: Delicious soup prepared with vegetables and different types of meat, including pork and chicken.
  • Picadillo: Unlike other places where this dish is made, here it also contains pepper, red onion, garlic, tomato sauce, olives, sultanas and served with black beans.
  • The congrí oriental: Typical dish made from fried rice, refried beans, onion and bacon.
  • Moros y cristianos: Prepared from refried beans and rice.
  • Fish and shellfish: Prepared in different ways.
  • Fried bananas and tostones: Sliced, covered in oil, or in small pieces, cooked then fried.
  • Guenguel: Dessert made from powered corn, cinnamon and sugar.

places of interest

  • Dolphin centre
  • Golf course
  • International cabaret
  • Josone Park
  • Saturno Cave
  • Cayo Blanco
  • Casa del Tabaco
  • Casa Dupont
  • Plaza Las Morlas
  • Tropicana Cabaret
  • Convention Centre
  • Museum (opposite Josone Park)

what to do in varadero

  • Swim with dolphins at the dolphin centre.
  • Skydiving and diving.
  • Water sports and scuba diving available in the hotel.
  • Nature watching, which can be done from your own room depending on the view.
  • Visit Josone Park and enjoy direct contact with the island’s nature.
  • Boat trips on yachts or catamarans from Gaviota and Chapelín marinas.
  • Enjoy the wonders of a tourist village. Las Morlas provides a great choice of the most diverse dining options, services and entertainment.
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