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Umag, relax and adventure in Croatia


This coastal town in the Istrian peninsula is one of the main tourist destinations in the beautiful country of Croatia. Its fabulous beaches and cliffs, its impressive viewpoints and stunning natural surroundings which can be explored on foot, on bike or on horseback have made it popular among European families and young people in search for adventure and fun. With a quaint yet lively marina, Umag is the ideal destination for enjoying water sports, golf and other outdoor activities. It also has a well preserved old quarter which is partially walled, Roman ruins and Squirrel Park, a curious park where children can enjoy watching the numerous squirrels that live here.

Meliá has 13 hotels in Umag, all near the beach, in the Istrian peninsula in the northwest of the country. We offer camping sites, for that closer touch with nature, Sol apartments and hotel guestrooms in beautiful surroundings and elegant Meliá villas. 

These hotels in Umag are ideal for enjoying a fun-filled holiday with the family or friends thanks to the activities designed for all ages and tastes. They also have magnificent rooms for hosting business or private events with a service that will exceed your expectations. Find the hotel you are looking for in Umag with Meliá and get the lowest price on our webpage.


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