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Hoi An

In the centre of Vietnam and just 30km south of Da Nang, this quiet port city is one of the most beautiful in the whole country and recognised as a World Heritage Site. The old town takes you back in time with an immense number of Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and European influences in each of its buildings, a sign of its past as a focus for trade. A large number of pedestrianised roads only open to bicycle traffic make it a city in which to relax, far from the chaos of many other cities in Southeast Asia. Strolling through its streets you will find many pagodas, traditional houses and the famous Japanese covered wood and brick bridge built in the 16th century. Near the bridge is the ancient collection of ceramics in the Sa Huynh Museum, the Cantonese Assembly Hall built by merchants and sailors in 1786, the Fujian Chinese Congregation Assembly Hall, or the Tran family chapel with 1500m2 of garden designed in line with feng shui principles.

The setting sun paints a warm light on the building façades and creates bucolic images reflected in the waters of the Thu Bon River, making it a great place to enjoy this magical time of day. The riverbank is home to the bustling and lively Cho market, where locals haggle over the price of fresh fish and other Vietnamese ingredients alternate with local textiles and silks. At night you will love how the city is lit up by traditional handmade red lanterns. Every month there is a lantern festival to coincide with the full moon, with the city lights being turned off and replaced by silk lanterns and tea candles, some of which are left to float downstream.

Visit the temples and pagodas to learn more about Buddhist culture, such as the Van Duc pagoda, one of the largest, and the Chuc Thanh Buddhist pagoda, the oldest in Hoi An, founded in the 15th. century. The streets are full of traditional houses which reflect the multicultural heritage of this old port city, including the 300-year-old house of Quan Thang, the house of Tan Ky or the old house of Phun Hung, a typical trading house from the eighteenth century. Other sights that you must not miss are the impressive arched doors of the Ba Mu temple and the My Son Historic Ruins, located 40km from Hoi An. Just 4 km from the centre, on the outskirts of the city, the quiet and charming Cua Dai is the nearest beach to Hoi An. From the port of Cua Dai you can take a trip to Hon Lao, part of the Cham Islands and home to beaches with transparent waters that are ideal for snorkelling and a unique natural environment which has been declared a Biosphere reserve. 

Meliá has 1 hotel in Hoi An: The Hoi An Historic Hotel managed by Melia Hotels International.
The Hoi An Historic Hotel managed by Melia Hotels International is a hotel in Hoi An, located in the heart of the old port area in the old town, about 6km from Cua Dai beach. A hotel which combines modern and traditional design to create relaxing spaces with luxurious suites and elegant, spacious rooms. This hotel in Hoi An has a spa offering traditional Vietnamese and Asian treatments, a Kid's Club for family vacations and a large outdoor pool in a beautiful garden. In addition to endless leisure activities such as Tai Chi and Vietnamese and Asian cookery classes, and the finest service.

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