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  • 1. What services can I request through the RFP?

    Bookings of 10 or more guestrooms with or without meeting rooms and meeting room reservations with or without accommodation 
  • 2. What number of rooms is considered a group?

    From 10 rooms regardless of the number of people who occupy them. For 9 or fewer rooms with no meeting rooms, contact our central reservations service. 
  • 3. What does requesting a Request for proposal involve?

    After completing all the required information about the event or meeting, our team will get to work and send you an initial budget for your event in a maximum of 24 hours. 
  • 4. How many steps are there in the Request for proposal process?

    There are a few simple steps:
    1. Select the hotels you want to view
    2. Complete the form with your contact details and all your event requirements
    3. Check the information and send the request so we can prepare the best possible offer for you.
    4. E-mail confirmation message
    You will receive a confirmation message by email and our Group Desk will send the answer to your request within 24 hours. 
  • 5. What time of year you get the best rates for groups?

    Our "Opportunity Dates" section provides the best promotions for groups at any time of year. 
  • 6. What is Opportunity Dates?

    These are the dates with the best rates for groups on a calendar for each hotel. To see the dates, simply chose one or more hotels and view the availability calendar. Request a quote for your event online.

    Opportunity Dates also shows all special promotions for groups, with added values that are available in all the specialized hotels.

  • 7. What if I do not yet know the answers to all questions in the RFP? Can I send it anyway to receive a proposal?

    Of course, provided they complete all the minimum data required. The more information we have, the better we will be able to choose the hotel that meets your needs. 
  • 8. What do I have to do if I am interested in getting information for my wedding or social events such as baptisms, communions or family gatherings?

    To request information or a quote for weddings and social events it is best to contact the hotel or hotels that interest you. The hotel will provide all the information and professional advice you need for special events. You can find contact details on the fact sheet or the website of each hotel. 
  • 9. Can I view specific information on hotels before sending my Request for proposal?

    Yes. The hotel list includes links to detailed descriptions of hotels and many photos of the facilities to help you make your choice. 
  • 10. What is the MELIA PRO Rewards programme?

    MELIA PRO Rewards is the Loyalty Programme for travel agents and meeting planners to:
    - earn points when making reservations
    - can be redeemed for hotel stays and gifts
    - You can take advantage of our promotions and our agreements with partner companies
    - Will have special rates for personal use. With MELIA PRO Rewards you can earn points based on the total revenues of the group or event.