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23, Kuwait Street
Dubai - Port Rashid PO Box: 116656
United Arab Emirates


N +25º 15' 19.01" / W +55º 17' 8.10"

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Tel: (971) 4 386 8111 Fax: (971) 4 3868222

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Facial treatments – Meliá Dubai


    This revolutionary facial treatment provides dramatic results. A scrub-art system helps prepare the skin before the application of energizing nectar. It combines several massage techniques to restore and making facial toning muscles. Regenerating ingredients and an infusion of marine DNA are only part of the precious components of this unique treatment.


    It is ideal for frequent travelers, smokers and people living in a contaminated environment or as an extreme weather. The products used in this treatment release molecules of pure oxygen to provide energy to the skin and eliminate stored toxins in the pores.


    Elaborated individually for the requirements of your skin, this luxury and facial treatment exfoliates, cleans and moisturizes the skin. The neck, face and shoulders are pampered with a refreshing massage to stimulate micro-circulation and skin oxygenation. This wonderful facial experience will leave your skin soft, fresh and velvety and It is indicated for any skin type.


    Designed for the male skin care needs. This massage therapy is specific facial scalp, neck and a shoulder, ensuring that skin looks clean, fresh and young. The feeling of wellness and relaxation is complete and lasting.


    Facial carboxy therapy produces an effervescent explosion in the skin on the face with the result of improving micro circulation and forming new collagen. It helps eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.


    The marma facial points are vital in the ancient Hindu medicine. The marma-points massage helps to relax tension, to relieve negative emotions and stress, to stimulate the lymphatic drainage, and achieve the balance of body and mind.


    Micro abrasion is the most advanced machines on the beauty market today to reduce wrinkles and spots. This technique is the safest rejuvenation procedure because it is the least invasive. The treatment includes a final mask of gold, chocolate, grape wine or collagen to soothe, heal and shine the skin.

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