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Map & Location

Calle la Costa, s/n, Alcalá
Tenerife - Guia de Isora 38686


N +28º 12' 16.12" / W -16º 49' 50.87"

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Tel: (34) 922 869000Fax: (34) 922 865494

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Activities for adults - Red Level Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora

We offer an extensive activities programme to provide our guests with unforgettable experiences. Every week we change our activities schedule. For more information see the Pool Concierge or Guest Service. (**)


For adults

Our complete and personalised Nutritional Guide suggests a healthy, balanced diet to help you improve your health.

Cardio Combat

A mixture of aerobics and martial arts based on punch and kick movements which help you lose weight and relieve stress. 

Cardio Blast

A high energy class with great music for physical strength and resistance.


Better flexibility and body coordination. Aerobic exercises with choreography and music to strengthen and tone the muscles. 


Physical and mental training technique for relaxation and stress control. Feel stronger and more flexible without increasing body weight.


Discover an Eastern discipline that improves physical and mental wellbeing. Relaxation, stretching and concentration techniques. Let the energy flow freely through your body. 

Tai - Chi

Ancient Chinese martial art, excellent for mental and physical health and consisting of relaxed and harmonious movements.


The latest fitness trend, mixing sport and dance with rhythm and movements from all over the world. A sense of humour and a sense of fun are vital for this activity.

Water zumba

Using our zumba movements and adding water, for an unforgettable experience.


Learn the techniques required to hit a target 70 metres away. 


Push yourself to the limit in a cardiovascular exercise that tones and strengthens every part of the body.

Kwik cricket

Fast version of traditional cricket, played with plastic bats, balls and cones for extra safety.

Dance classes

Simple dance routines such as salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia and Latin - Mix. Boost your body language and cardiovascular endurance.


Sushi workshop

The art of preparing authentic sushi consists of understanding the preparation of each of the ingredients to achieve an exquisite final product.

Wine tasting

Sample wines and learn how to appreciate then according to their characteristics: harvest, age, body and acidity.

Cocktail workshop

Combine liqueurs and different ingredients to create exotic and unique drinks.


Board games

Dominoes, chess, Chinese checkers, poker and Spanish card games.


Fire Desire

A night full of light and the warmest atmosphere awaits you. Fire dances performed by GoGo dancers to the music of our resident DJ.

Le Cirque

With performances, music and dance, the magic of the night will cast a spell on you.


At sunset, what better than watching true Afro-Brazilian culture that fuses dance, fighting and typical musical instruments.


Journey back in time to a unique black and white stage of the 1960s, because we also believe in the magic of yesteryear.

Back to the ‘80s

Fresh compilation of the best of the music of the ‘80s. Enjoy a cocktail while we remind you of the sounds of your youth.

Global Light Party

A contemporary party, bold and edgy. French style event with models, seductive music and the sparkling light of the mobile champagne service to fill your night with luxury and romance.

Jazz In Love

Performances of the finest jazz, so you will never forget this night.

**All of our activities vary depending on season. Please consult our weekly activities programme upon arrival at the hotel.

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