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Map & Location

Avenida Los Océanos, s/n, Alcalá
Tenerife - Guia de Isora 38686

Tel: (34) 922 869000Fax: (34) 922 865494


N +28º 12' 16.12" / W -16º 49' 50.87"

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Sustainability at Meliá

"At Meliá Hotels International we aim to integrate the values and principles of sustainable development into our business processes and our relationship with all of our stakeholders (employees, clients, owners, investors, suppliers, society and the environment).

We believe that sustainability is a key factor which will allow tourism to continue to be a driver of economic growth. That is why we are committed to constant improvement and to ensure our future thanks to the responsible use of resources.

We would like our commitment and actions to help strengthen our relationship with our stakeholders. It makes us different and reinforces our position as a responsible, stable, safe and attractive company for all those who come to us."


The environment

We help conserve the environment, evaluating the impact of our activities and promoting awareness of sustainability amongst our stakeholders.

The local community

We contribute to the development of the local community, supporting and promoting their culture and traditional values.


We actively contribute to the generation of wealth and the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate, with a special focus on children and the most vulnerable.



  • The hotel respects the needs of the disabled or persons with reduced mobility

Social Action

  • We are a "Friend of UNICEF" hotel and take part in MHI's strategic partnership with UNICEF 
  • We support campaigns and actions to help people at risk of social exclusion
  • We organise events and actions to supply food and cover the basic needs of the community

Biodiversity and the Environment

  • The hotel applies initiatives for the maintenance, conservation and elimination of waste from the surrounding areas 
  • We are involved with the protection and recovery of natural spaces of major environmental importance 
  • We collaborate with the protection of endangered species and those at risk of extinction 
  • We collaborate with local initiatives for the conservation of the environment, flora and fauna 
  • We encourage our guests to become aware of and get involved in biodiversity conservation actions
  • We take part in actions that encourage the preservation of the destination 

Architectural conservation and the responsible use of materials 

  • The hotel stands in a natural setting
  • Environmentally-friendly materials were used in the construction of the hotel

Energy and Climate Change

  • The hotel belongs to SAVE, Meliá Hotels International's Energy Efficiency Project (a corporate programme)
  • The lighting facilities and systems are low consumption 
  • There is a significant use of time switches and other lighting control systems 
  • We have a Risk Assessment Plan and a Preventative and Corrective Maintenance Plan
  • The hotel has lighting systems which detect the presence of people
  • The hotel has an energy efficiency system that saves energy through the use of LED lighting
  • We have an intelligent automation system that prevents the inefficient use of energy with a high degree of control
  • We use green energy
  • We prioritise the use of natural light where possible
  • We use the heat generated by air conditioning systems to heat the swimming pools 


  • Our collaborators receive training in environmental issues 

Local and Healthy Gastronomy

  • Culinary offer includes organic produce 
  • The hotel menus comprise locally sourced products
  • Menus offer dishes for guests with special needs or food intolerance 

Waste management and recycling 

  • We have agreements with suppliers to reduce packaging
  • We have installed hundreds of recycling bins throughout the hotel
  • We have an organic composting area to reduce organic waste and convert it into natural fertilizer
  • We offer training and awareness workshops in waste management for staff
  • We have a waste management manual to optimise the separation of waste and facilitate recycling
  • All the paper used in offices has been recycled 

Sustainable Mobility

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles are available at the hotel
  • The hotel uses electric buggies 


  • We use products with a low environmental impact
  • We use recycled products
  • We use ecological products
  • We use recyclable materials 

Cultural Resources

  • Cultural and social events are organized regularly
  • Guests are provided with details of cultural sites and activities in the surrounding area
  • Cultural events to promote local culture are organized at the hotel
  • Local arts and craft are promoted and supported
  • Conservation of local culture and identity are promoted through programmes and actions
  • The hotel is involved in programmes to promote the recovery of local and autochthonous traditions as well as architectural heritage

Water Use Reduction

  • We have a desalination system which produces all the water for our hotel by extracting and converting seawater
  • We have a sewage treatment plant which recycles water for watering the gardens
  • We encourage guests to consume water responsibly during their stay
  • We organise workshops on saving water for tourism students
  • We have a salt chlorination system in all our pools to optimise disinfection and reduce water pollution 

Relations with responsible suppliers

  • Where appropriate, we purchase local products that contribute to the development of the surrounding area 
  • Our gastronomic offer includes the use of seasonal products 
  • We have responsible policies, processes and purchase agreements with suppliers
  • We work with suppliers in implementing best practices 

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