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Map & Location

C/ Angel Ganivet, 7
Granada 18009


N +37º 10' 23.13" / W -3º 35' 54.41"

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Tel: (34) 958 227400Fax: (34) 958 227403

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Restaurants at the Meliá Granada



  • DESCRIPTION: Wonderful breakfast buffet with show cooking and scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, Spanish omelette, pies, sandwiches, churros; variety of cakes and pastries (croissants, ensaimadas, napolitanas, doughnuts, ham and cheese salads), fresh sliced fruit, selection of cold meats and cheeses; smoked fish (marinated salmon, cod); cereals; yoghurts, dried fruit and nuts, fruit in syrup; fruit juices (carrot, apple, peach, tomato and orange); liquid station (soy milk, skimmed milk, full fat milk, sparkling water, still water, red wine, cava). Enjoy a wonderful breakfast buffet at the Meliá Granada with coffee served at the table or express coffee
  • NOTE: Specific meals for celiacs and lactose intolerant guests. Tell us when you make your reservation
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Comfortable and spacious restaurant with views of Calle Ganivet
  • CAPACITY: 110 people
  • OPENING TIMES: From 7am to 10:30am. Weekends and bank holidays from 7:30am to 11am



  • DESCRIPTION: The restaurant Garbo by Meliá is a timeless space where the specialties of traditional Spanish cuisine are reinvented using the most avant-garde techniques. Respect for the product is the guiding principle of all our dishes, since our menu is crafted from fresh, seasonal products, always attempting to conserve the flavor of the ingredients that we use. At Garbo by Meliá we are specialists in charcoal-grilled meats and fish, and also in rices.
  • Some of our dishes are scrambled eggs with Iberian ham, foie with maize soup, sea bass ceviche, braised octopus, grilled sirloin steak, our famous tartar steak; and rice specialties such as black rice, "gentleman's rice" with shelled shellfish and Granadan stew.
  • TYPE OF CUISINE: Traditional Spanish cuisine reinvented. Respect for seasonal products.
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Our star dishes are charcoal-grilled Granadan pepper salad and braised octopus prepared by the prestigious chef Rafael Abellá.
  • ATMOSPHERE: Garbo by Meliá is a space designed so that our customers enjoy a relaxed, intimate and comfortable atmosphere, with a love of detail so that our customers have an exquisite experience.
  • NOTE:Insired in the 1920's-1930's , the restaurant is a homage to the classic beauty embodied by Greta Garbo, an icon from the Age of Gold and of Glamor
  • OCCUPANCY: 35 persons
  • OPENING HOURS: From 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM and from 8 PM to 11 PM



  • DESCRIPTION: The bar Garbo by Meliá is a space with a cozy, timeless and elegant atmosphere where classic cocktails are important. It is sophisticated, seductive and glamorous, intended for the most demanding customers. The bar Garbo is a spot where you can relax and have fun. The culinary options of this space are based on a snack menu on which we find hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas the way you like them and an array of desserts. At Garbo, we are specialists in gin tonics, and in classic and signature cocktails.
  • TYPE OF CUISINE: "Tapas" & snack bar
  • HIGHLIGHTS: You will find Granada's typical "tapas" at one of the city's best known bars, in addition to enjoying our specialty gin tonics and classic- and signature cocktails.
  • ATMOSPHERE: Select, cozy and intimate. Ideal for enjoying a cocktail, resting, working in a comfortable atmosphere and watching your favorite sports contest.
  • NOTE: Inspired in the 1920's-1930's , the restaurant is a homage to the classic beauty embodied by Greta Garbo, an icon from the Age of Gold and of Glamor
  • OPENING HOURS: From 11 AM until 12:30 AM

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