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C/ Los Fueros, 2
Bilbao 48005


N +43º 15' 34.52" / W -2º 55' 24.20"

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Bilbao with the family tour - TRYP Bilbao Arenal

Welcome to Bilbao!

My name is Beatriz and I am the family expert at the TRYP Bilbao Arenal. This tour is one of my favourite ways to visit Bilbao with all the family.

I will recommend a few of the perfect places to show the children, because when you travel with the family it is often difficult to know where to go to enjoy the city to the full.

The city has a lot of parks where the kids can run around and play. There is the Etxebarria Park, which occupies the site of an old metal factory, of which remains, if I recall, a century old brick and iron chimney. The Arenal Gardens is another park populated by oak trees, chestnuts, acacias and a lime tree which is the symbol of the city. It was planted in 1816 but it was blown down by winds in 1948 and has been recently replanted. There are also several curiously shaped fountains. The Doña Casilda Park is a French inspired park, with a wonderful array of botanical trees and shrubs, plus a wonderful lake with different ducks and a dovecot in the middle.

  • The Arriaga Theatre, which we discussed above, often organises shows for children, such as the ópera txiki, with operas adapted for young audiences
  • The Museum of Fine Art is considered one of the best in Europe and has 35 rooms with magnificent classic, modern and contemporary works of art plus a vast collection of work by Basque artists: Arteta, Arrue, Zuloaga, Zubiaurre, etc. The Museum of Fine Art is an open, fun and participatory space, where families can find attractive things to do all together
  • The Artxanda funicular train, which covers a distance of 800 metres, goes up Monte Artxanda, the so-called "Lung of the City ". From its viewpoint over Bilbao you can enjoy one of the most panoramic views of the city and its river, surrounded by beautiful countryside.
  • El Karpin, in Carrantza, just over 2 km from the district of Biañez, is "El Karpín", a large area of more than 20 hectares of woodland, grassland and exotic trees, which it opened in summer 1994 forms part of the Bizkaia Ecological Park. This educational park has an exhibition of European flora and fauna, and you can see many different animals in the most natural environment possible and enjoy, perfect for enjoying the native environment. You can also visit an exhibition of dinosaurs, with information on their way of life in prehistoric times.
  • The Guggenheim is a must see visit which will delight the kids with its sinuous shaped building, run around by snakes and mazes by Serra and the stunning gigantic spider by Louise Bourgeois and the floating balls by Anish Kapoor. They will also love Puppy, the giant mascot in the entrance: a dog made from plants by Jeffs Koons which is probably the most photographed dog in the world. Don’t forget the Museum of Fine Art with its carefully selected collection of the best artists of all time and a wide collection of Basque artists. With interesting temporary exhibitions also, such as the current one on Antonio López.
  • The campa de los Ingleses: (Next to the Guggenheim) A very modern children’s park: with rope climbing structures, balls that emerge from the ground to jump over, and pirate boats for the youngest. The neighbouring terrace is fantastic for having something to drink or eat and listening to some live jazz as you look at the Guggy, the Iberdrola Tower and the Deusto University opposite.

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