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Map & Location

C/ Los Fueros, 2
Bilbao 48005


N +43º 15' 34.52" / W -2º 55' 24.20"

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Tel: (34) 944 153100Fax: (34) 944 156395

Check-in after 12:00h

Check-out until 12:00h

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Bilbao pintxos tour - TRYP Bilbao Arenal

Welcome to Bilbao!

My name is Borja and I am the tourism expert at the TRYP Arenal. I am going to present a tour of the different places where you can go and enjoy some of the famous tapas in Bilbao.


The Plaza Nueva is a favourite place to visit for both the locals and visitors to the city. It is an arcaded square built in 1849, just a short distance from the hotel. It is full of bars and restaurants, including:

  • Gozatu gastrobar: The latest bar to open its doors in the square: large and beautifully refurbished, with a spectacular bar full of tapas
  • Café Bar Bilbao: Century old bar, a classic, several times winner of tapas championships
  • Víctor Montes: One of the most authentic bars in Bilbao

Other famous streets in the old quarter include:

  • Calle Jardines and the Berton with a great choice of select tapas
  • Calle Nueva and the Bukoi, which belongs to the Berton group
  • Calle Santa María and the Irrintxi which will delight you with their designer tapas
  • Calle del Perro and the Rio-Oja, where you can enjoy their cazuelitas


  • Pedestrian area full of bars and restaurants, worth highlighting is the Artajo (famous for their tigres de Yurre), the Molinillo (exquisitely prepared tapas) and La Taberna Taurina (different tortillas)
  • Close by are the century old, mythical bars of Iruña (Jardines de Albia) and the Granja (Plaza Circular) both not to be missed and at the Granja you can try the traditional talo


  • Pedestrian street with the well-known bars of La Olla (different tortillas), La Viña (Jabugo and Guijuelo hams), El Globo (exquisitely made tapas) and the Embrujo de Bilbao which will bewitch you with their cuisine in miniature


  • Another classic area in Bilbao, especially when there is a match on at the famous “Cathedral” (San Mamés football stadium). Here you can find bars such as the Huevo Frito, the Huevo Berria, the Don Ulpiano, the Indusi, Matxitxako, Gozatu, and the little tavern of Poza (one of the few places where you can still drink wine from a porrón

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