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Via G. Orlandi 103
Capri 80071

Tel: (0039) 0818 373924Fax: (0039) 0818 374922


N +40º 33' 19.68" / W +14º 13' 9.88"

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Destination information - Meliá Villa Capri

The island of Capri has two principal towns, Capri town and Anacapri. Anacapri is on a high plateau above Capri town, with the two towns linked by a zigzag road down the cliffs. Before the road was constructed in the late nineteenth century, Anacapri's only connection with the outside world was via a flight of steps called the Scala Fenicia (Phoenician Steps), which still leads steeply down the mountainside, to Marina Grande, the island's port.

Anacapri is spread below the slopes of Monte Solaro, the island's peak, with an incredible panoramic view stretching endlessly across the horizon and even as far as the Island of Ponza on clear, sunny days.

Weekdays are particularly peaceful with not too many people around so you can stroll in the sunshine or enjoy the sea immersed in total peacefulness. Anyone who is lucky enough to visit at this time of year is treated to an unparalleled show of natural beauty. Both the sky and the sea are incredible shades of blue, birds are getting ready to fly off to Africa and soar in their flocks over the summit of Mount Solaro, while you can savour the island’s barmy weather....

Taxis and buses are available just fifty yards from the hotel, providing convenient transport to anywhere on the island, such as the Grotta Azzurra, the Piazzetta, the lighthouse at Punta Carena, the beaches of Marina Piccola and the port of Marina Grande.

But if you prefer striking out on your own to visit the island and discover characteristic lanes tucked away from view, and then why not hire a scooter.

A wide selection of boats in all different sizes are available for hire from the port, with or without a crew: there are so many ways for you to enjoy the welcoming waters and sights of Capri’s enchanting coastlines or even take a quick trip to Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi and stop off in Nerano for a delicious seafood lunch.

Recommended Walks:
Walking is the best way to “capture” all of Capri’s hidden gems as it captures your heart. Capri offers some truly stunning walks and some of the island’s most enchanting places can only be reached on foot. Life on the island revolves around the famous “Piazzetta” from which you can follow a path down to the viewpoint at Tragara and catch a amazing glimpse of the Faraglioni and Marina Piccola, and maybe even stop and savour a fruit juice made from freshly-squeezed lemons at a traditional wooden stall. From here you can adventure down towards the sea along the Pizzolungo pathway. Enjoy an unforgettable day out on the beaches near the Faraglioni…and then if you don’t feel like climbing back up as evening draws near, you can take a sea-taxi back to Marina Piccola and a bus to Anacapri and the Meliá Villa Capri.

Wander along Via Axel Munte in Anacapri past the artisans’ studios and craft shops, visit Villa San Michele and then take a leisurely stroll and marvel at the beautiful view over Capri and Marina Grande... but not everything on the island is so effortlessly easy… if you really want to capture the essence of Capri why not try a little adventure and walk down the Phoenician Steps all the way to Marina Grande!
If you are looking for something with a more cultural feel, then this is the walk for you: from the Piazzetta head out along
Via Longano, a narrow street dotted with tiny shops, and up out of the town. After about 30 to 35 minutes you come across Villa Jovis, where you can admire the archaeological dig of a villa that belonged to Emperor Tiberius. Once again the island will treat you to breathtaking views that make the walk truly worthwhile.
These are just a few of our suggestions, but there’s so much more to discover on Capri. The irresistible charm of Capri is that each and every one of its marvelous sights is never more than a wonderful walk away, such as the Lighthouse, the Blue Grotto and the Philosophical Park. Capri captivates your heart and your imagination, and the best way to captivate its essence is on foot!

Meliá Villa Capri staff is always on hand to offer information about visiting the sights and will be delighted to help you book trips and visits or assist you with anything else you have ever dreamed of doing or seeing on Capri!

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