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Map & Location

Kawasan Wisata BTDC Lot 1
Bali - Nusa Dua 80363


N -8º 47' 56.03" / W +115º 14' 1.31"

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Tel: (62) 361 771510Fax: (62) 361 771362

Check-in after 15:00h

Check-out until 12:00h

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Treatments and rituals at the Meliá Bali - The Garden Villas


All our spa treatments commence with our signature foot therapy designed to relax and focus your mind, in addition to improving your blood circulation

The Aromatic Balinese Massage

Over a thousand years ago, merchant ships regularly traveled through the Spice Islands – modern day Indonesia. Hindus from India brought healing massage techniques and oil massage as well as herbal treatments. Buddhists from China brought acupressure techniques. Balinese Massage is part of Balinese Traditional Healing. Practiced since hundreds years ago, it’s mentioned on well preserved ancient Balinese manuscripts. A Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and “qi” (energy) around your body, and bring deep relaxation and wellness. It is believed that when the blood and oxygen are flowing freely then the qi, or energy, will flow freely too.

The Balinese use massage as a therapeutic experience from the moment of birth, take advantage of this cultural ritual with a traditional Balinese massage using aromatic oils.

a. Anti stress

  • base oil: from soya bean, safflower, olive oil
  • eo: lemongrass, bergamot, lavender, mandarin, nut meg
  • benefit: reduce rheumatic, give comfortable feeling, soothe headaches & migraines

b.  Relaxing

  • base oil: soya bean, safflower, olive oil
  • eo: lavender, grapefruit, basil, kananga
  • benefit: relaxation, anti oxidant, soothes tiredness

c.  Refreshing

  • base oil: soya bean, safflower, olive oil
  • eo: bergamot, rosemary, spearmint
  • benefit: useful for skin conditions linked to stress, reduce cholesterol, fatty tissue

d.  Bliss/harmony

  • base oil: soya bean, safflower, olive oil
  • eo: ylang-ylang, ginger, black pepper
  • benefit: reduce muscular pains, bruises, insomnia, depression, balance the blood pressure, warming

e.  Mom to be massage oil

  • base oil: extra virgin olive oil
  • eo: camomile and lavender
  • benefit: calming effect on the body and mind, and relaxing

Balinese Boreh

Start with Balinese Massage to relax the body, followed with Balinese Boreh – scrub that is centuries-old recipe used for many years to prevent cold. Not only it is recommended for you who have fever, muscle aches or cold, but this ancient heritage increases also the blood circulation and soften the skin.

Melia Bali Bale Massage

Experience our popular Balinese massage in one of Yhi Spa Bale. To enjoy the fresh breeze from Nusa Dua beach, you can choose Yhi Spa Beach Bale. To feel the soothing air from Melia Bali Garden, Yhi Spa pool bale is the one. Or if you want to indulge yourself in both ways, Yhi Spa Garden Bale is the perfect choice.

Yhi Slimming Experience

Definition Massage, Algae Body Mask Relax with our signature Cleansing Foot Ritual. Then we refine and slim those areas, which have cellulite build-up. This treatment begins with a deep tissue. Massage using our detoxification balm which is designed to help those areas needing definition. Next an algae body mask will be applied to improve skin tones while draining away toxins as well as fatty deposits and water retention. Truly a slimming experience.

New face rejuvenation treatment

Thermodermie, a true innovation. Imported from Europe, this advanced revolutionary technology helps your body restore its own resources in order to slow the aging process of your face. The treatments are non invasive, relaxing, guarantied of visible and natural results.

Beauty Cleaner

Give your face true purity. The ultrasounds of the beauty cleaner deep clean the skin by eliminating impurities (epidermis & dermis) and rebalancing PH levels. Pores are tight and skin surface is smooth.

Debussy facial

Give your face a new radiance. This treatment stimulates the collagen production, provides deep cleansing and hydration. You will gain a clearer and brighter complexion and a tightness of the skin.

Debussy Vitality & Rejuvenation

Anti aging treatments provides the skin complete and durable rejuvenation. These treatments have a triple effect on the skin: collagen reinforcement, detoxification and deep hydration. During few months, your skin will show renewed brightness, suppleness and greater firmness (soft lifting effect).

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