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Rua Manuel Guedes, 320
Sao Paulo - Itaim SP


N -23º 35' 0.24" / W -46º 40' 44.40"

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Discover the tourist attractions of São Paulo

To make the most of your stay in São Paulo, you should understand the essence of the largest city in Latin America. The state capital is a bustling city that just never stops. And this is the way they do business and enjoy the region’s gastronomy. During the day São Paulo is a city focused on business. Several multinational offices are located here, reflecting the commercial potential of the city. At night, the nightlife and cuisine for all tastes and preferences are just some of the options.

The plurality of São Paulo

The leisure and tourism options of São Paulo are varied and suit all tastes and preferences. Large parks such as Parque do Povo and Parque do Ibirapuera are ideal for a nice stroll in touch with nature. For those who prefer the combination of leisure and shopping, the state capital offers several different shopping centres. The Iguatemi shopping centre is the closest, as it is located a few minutes from the hotel.

Styles multiple and come together during the São Paulo nightlife. The cultural plurality is evident in the different groups that frequent the city’s night spots and bars. The sport events are the joy of families during the weekends. At the Estadio de Pacaembu historic matches take place. It is one of the most famous stadiums in Brazil and home to the Museum of Football, making it the perfect combination of culture and leisure. The racetrack and the Interlagos circuit are other interesting options for people who visit São Paulo. The São Paulo weather doesn’t follow any particular pattern. A sunny day could end up rainy and cold. So, be prepared and always check the forecasts.

Itaim Bibi: a charming and functional neighbourhood

Whoever visits Itaim Bibi is surprised by the quantity and quality of shops, facilities and services available in the area. Everything you need, you will find here. Pharmacies, service stations, banks, markets and public transport amongst others. In addition to function, the quality of life in Itaim Bibi makes it one of the best in São Paulo. The area has distinguished residences and impeccable public services. There are clothes shops selling top brands and displaying their goods in sophisticated shop windows in streets known for their strong trading tradition. The area is also famous for its cuisine, offering a variety of national and international dishes.


Visiting São Paulo wouldn’t be complete without trying one of their famous pizzas. Considered by many as the pizza capital in Brazil, any visitor who tries one never regrets it. As well as the famous pizzas, the city’s cuisine includes other famous dishes, such as the bocadillos, the pastel de feira and the delicious mortadela sandwich. Dishes range from regional specialties, such as mineira, nordestina and gaúcha cuisine, to international cuisine, such as Japanese, German, Arabic and Mexican, amongst others.

Discover the typical dishes of São Paulo:

  • Mortadela sandwich
  • Virado à Paulista
  • “Bauru” sandwich
  • Pizza
  • “Pastel de feira com caldo de cana”
  • Other rolls
  • Chicken “a passarinho”
  • The traditional Brazilian “feijoada”

Culture and art in São Paulo

The museums, galleries and theatres of São Paulo are excellent attractions. The two most famous museums in Brazil are located in the state capital. The Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM), located in Ibirapuera Park, and the Museum of Art of São Paulo (MASP) are known worldwide and house national and international works of art by renowned artists. The combination of sport and art comes into play at the Museum of Football, located in the Estadio de Pacaembu, a historic building in itself. The Municipal Theatre of São Paulo brings the magical art of performing to the audience, with special plays, exciting, fun and romantic stories and other sensations that can only be felt when you go to the theatre.

Main tourist attractions:

  • Congonhas airport
  • Ibirapuera auditorium
  • Interlagos circuit
  • Avenida Paulista
  • São Paulo Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Nações Unidas Business Centre
  • Copan Building
  • Estação da Luz
  • Galeria do Rock
  • Cidade Jardim racetrack
  • Butantan Institute
  • Botanical Gardens of São Paulo
  • Memorial to Latin America
  • Memorial to the Immigrant
  • São Paulo Municipal Market
  • Brazil Monument to Independence
  • Bandeiras Monument
  • São Paulo Museum of Modern Art
  • 9 de Julho Palace
  • Trianon Park
  • São Paulo Zoo
  • Pátio do Colégio
  • Praça Roosevelt
  • Municipal Theatre of São Paulo
  • Vale do Anhangabaú
  • São Paulo World Trade Center

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